Pictures from the fall studio are protected by the writing and the portrait.
Illegal theft is a legal punishment.


The happiest moment: GAEUL STUDIO

I saw family album covered with dust some years ago.
I have forgotten my family album because of my busy life.
I was awkward to open and see the pictures.
But soon it made me smile seeing the smiles and laughing sound of my family in the old pictures.
When I turned over the last page, I thought I was the happiest at that moment.
Pictures are jewel boxes that contain happy and valuable moments in the flow of time, aren’t they?
It will be a jewel box that shows the happiest moment of bride and bridegroom.
The true mind of bride and bridegroom should reach to the photographer to complete the jewel box.
Autumn tries to show the true happy story of bride and bridegroom in every picture.
“The happiest moment: GAEUL STUDIO”